Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cute Scary Stuff!

I took a class this past Saturday to make this book. It is a little scrapbook for 10 years of Halloween pictures. It turned out really cute so I thought I would give you guys a peek. I am really enjoying taking these classes at the Scrapbook Store. I would like to start a scrapbook for the boys. . . . .
We will see.
Here is Shannon as the Joker. It's kind of wierd how you can see his eyes. Every year he gets dressed up to take the kids out trick or treating. The past few years he has been Tigger. This year he told me he was not putting that Tigger costume on again. Since Skyer and David are going to be Batman and Robin, it seemed fitting that Shannon would be the Joker (or Alfred the butler!!!) We got the mask that we ordered from Target.com yesterday and it is a little scarier than we thought it would be.

Oh well off to bed for me!
Happy Tuesday.


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