Monday, October 09, 2006


This weekend was really a wonderful time.
We went to Santa Cruz to celebrate and participate in Alison and John's wedding. We had decided to stay in a rv park and so I made a reservation at Santa Cruz Rv Park in Scott's Valley. It is so much easier to take our 5th wheel when we go out of town than to stay in a hotel. That way we have all of our "stuff" with us! The park was great. It seemed like it took us forever to get there. We didn't leave Bakersfield until about 3:30 and stopped for dinner so we did not arrive in Santa Cruz until about 9:30. It was dark and raining and I was sure glad to be there!!! The next morning we made our way over to Alison's house and I went with Alison and Amy to the Well Within to have a massage. It was really relaxing and totally what I needed. After our massage we went over to the harbor and had lunch al fresco at Aldos. I love sitting out on the patio, the sun was shining and we had a really nice lunch with some great conversation. After lunch it was back to the trailer to get ready for the rehersal and then on the the rehersal dinner. We went to Michael's on Main and dinner was so good!
Friday Shannon and I took the kids to Aldos for breakfast. We walked out to the lighthouse and the Skyler and David looked for seashells on the beach and then it was time to get ready FOR THE WEDDING! THE MAIN EVENT!
David was having nothing to do with walking down the isle. Skyler did great. The weather even participated! It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was the best party I have been to in long time. It was really nice to spend time with family and see everyone. It was great to get to meet Alison's friends who I have seen in pictures and heard about for years but never met and to get to see and meet people again that I haven't seen in years. I really had a wonderful time. My guys all looked great!
The boys found four or five other boys of various ages and they had a great time.
Saturday morning Alison and John had a really nice brunch for family and a few close friends. That was really nice. I was able to visit and relax. The boys again got to play with their new found friends and relatives and had a really fun time.
Sunday we drove home and today it was back to the grindstone.
You know, I am so grateful for my family. My husband, my children, my parents and sisters, and now I have one more great brother in law! Brock set the brother in law bar pretty high, but I am certain that John is right up there with him.


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Hi Michelle - it was great meeting you in person too, after hearing about you for so long and only seeing your picture! Now we can stay up on each other's lives via our blogs ;-)

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