Saturday, January 06, 2007

Rough Day at Play

This is David about 10 minutes ago in the toy room. He passed out intent on eatting that banana, but just couldn't stay awake long enough. He was still asking about it as I changed his diaper and put his pjs on.

I dropped the boys off today at A Good Time Out, drop in day care, went and got a pedicure, shopped at Michael's and then did some grocery shopping at the new Smart and Final over on our side of town! I have not had a pedicure since before Alison and John's wedding and was in despirate need!!! It was also nice to go shopping by myself, and then just go pick the boys up. I had put pork chops in the crock pot this morning so I just put some pasta in my Pasta Express and 10 minutes later we were eatting dinner. If you have not tried your Pasta Express yet I would urge you to do so and if you don't have one, check it out. I love ours.

Well tomorrow is off to church and then I want to take down the Christmas decorations and get a little organization going on. Also do some cooking. I will report on how much I get done. Shannon is really under the weather. Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow.


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