Sunday, December 17, 2006

The grinch and the grump. . . .

So last night our plans were to go to the magical forest and then to CALM to look at the lights. When we left the house it was raining. Not hard but a little. The magical forest was really cute. It was housed on the top floor of a parking garage. The boys got to visit Santa and they had a small shopping area. These were both on the third floor. On the top floor they had hundreds of Christmas trees with lights and then a bunch of stages around with different themes. This is a picture of the boys in front of the grinch themed stage. After walking around the top level we took the next golf cart down to the parking lot and went over to Jakes to eat dinner. When we got out of dinner it was raining too hard to go up and walk around CALM to see the lights so we drove over to Haggen Oaks and looked around there. That neighborhood always has the best lights. One of the houses even had Mickey Mouse, Belle, Jasmin, and the Beast dressed up, singing on the porch! It was pretty funny, at one point Skyler said he was done and wanted to go "strait home to watch TV."
Hopefully we will be able to go look at the lights tonight. . . . .


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