Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Ryan!!!

The Throne
This is the chair the birthday child gets to sit in to open their presents. Look at King David, sitting on his throne!
Blue & White Hair
You can kind see the white on the tips from this angle. I love this picture of Skyler. . .too cute!
All The Kids
Ryan, the birthday boy is the little boy in the front with the blond curly hair
Well, we went to Ryan's birthday party yesterday and it was GREAT FUN!!! They had slides, jump houses, and inflatable obstacle courses. The best part was parents could go too! They had two different play rooms each with three different inflatables, and then a party room with tables and a giant throne for the birthday child to sit in while they open their birthday presents. I will totally consider this place next year for birthday parties. Shannon and I both thought it was way better than Chuck E Cheese. More contained.

It is freezing here today and it is a no burn day. We have been having a fire for the past week or so but yesterday and today are no burn days. I would hate to get a fine for having a fire. I guess I will have to turn on the heater or put more clothes on!

Shannon went to get the oil changed in my car. We will be taking both vehicles to the lake. I will have to tow the boat. I think as soon as he gets back with my car he will go over and get the trailer so we can get started on getting it loaded up and ready to go. Hopefully he will be able to wash it before we go. It was pretty dirty the last time we went camping.

Well it is a pretty quiet day around here today. Too cold outside to do much but watch movies and play. The boys are pretty mellow (knock on wood!) Just hanging out watching Scooby Doo.

I think I will curl up with a blanket and my book (and my puppies) and save my energy for later today when I will start packing up the trailer.

Happy Sunday,



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