Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sick Ward. . . . .

Seems to be at my house.

I got a call yesterday that David wasn't eating his lunch and then the school called back after his nap to say come pick him up, he has a fever. We were able to get him into the Doctor's office and they gave him an antibiotic.

We woke up this morning and Shannon was throwing up. David didn't seem much better so we dropped him off at Sharon's house and he hung out with her today. It looks like he might be getting his molars. Big bumps in the back of his mouth. He seems to be in good spirits right now, but he goes back and forth. He will probably go back to Sharon's tomorrow. We are pretty lucky to have such a good friend who cares about our family!

Hopefully everyone is on the mend. Time to get everyone looking toward getting in bed and getting a good nights sleep.

I will keep you posted. . . . .


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