Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy WaHoo Day!

Well, it is Friday again!
Only two more working days and then I am off to the lake for the Thanksgiving holiday for six days!!! I am pretty excited. We are going to try and bring the trailer home this weekend to get it cleaned and packed up so that we can leave Tuesday afternoon/evening and we will wake up Wednesday at Lake Nacimento.
Today was pajama party day at David's school. They were having new blinds installed in their nap room so they had a pajama party in the cafeteria in the afternoon. They got to wear their pjs all day to school and watch videos in the afternoon instead of taking a nap. Skyler was so jealous that he didn't get to wear his pjs to school.
Tomorrow is Skyler's little friend Ryan's fifth birthday party. We are really looking forward to his party. It is at a place called Pump It Up. I have never been there, but from what I understand it is a huge room with bounce houses and slides and we get to play there for a couple of hours during the party. They will also have pizza and cake! I will try to remember to take the camera and get lots of fun shots.
We took the boys to get hair cuts tonight. Skyler had the lady put blue and white gel in his hair and his dad liked it so much he bought the blue gel to bring home. I will get a picture of the blue gelled hair this weekend.
Happy WaHoo Day!


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