Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nacimiento Lake here we come!!!

Well this is a map of the actual lake. It looks like a dragon. The place where we will be camping is way up on the hill. It is quite a hike to get from our campground to the lake. I will try and take lots of pictures and post them. This lake is actually a lot of fun on jet skis, but it is way too cold right now for my blood. There were a few guys out there last year on jet skis. Hopefully this summer we will be able to bring the jet skis back here! This trip we will be bringing Shannon's bass boat. The guys go out fishing early every morning (brrr), and in the afternoon (usually just before dusk). They really have a lot of fun. I think we will probably try and take the boys out for a boat ride a couple of times also.

I do not think I will have internet access while I am gone, so no updates, but I want to wish every single one of you "HAPPY THANKSGIVING".

See you Monday!



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