Saturday, May 31, 2008


Skyler in with the monkey in front of the Santa Ana Zoo

David with the monkey

Skyler and Amy blowing out their birthday candles

Vanessa and I


Isabel, Skyler, Griffin and David

Kelsey, Griffin, Vanessa and Curran

My Cute Boys!

The boys monkeying around

So last weekend it was Skyler and Amy's (and Al Conrad's) birthday! Happy birthday all. The boys and I went to Orange County and spent the weekend with my parents. Saturday my mom and I took the boys to Atlantis Park, and Sunday we met my friend Vanessa, her cousin and two boys, and Amy, Brock, Isabel and Aidan at the Santa Ana Zoo. It was a lot of fun. Afterward we went to Steve's house to see Christine's new dog, Princess. Then back to my parents for dinner, cake and presents. We all had a GREAT DAY!!! We left for home early the next morning, there was hardly any traffic at all and we were home by 11am.

The next day I went to work, worked all day and around 4:30 I was told that that they needed to make some changes and that it wasn't working out and so I don't have a job there anymore. I am now an unemployed stay at home mom!!! Skyler's last day of kindergarten was yesterday so he and David will go to David's school (preschool) Tuesday and Thursdays and I will get to spend some time with my boys over the summer. Financially Shannon and I are making some changes. I will keep you posted! (good so far!)

Happy Saturday,
Love ya,


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