Sunday, January 14, 2007

Student of the Week, A Little Ice, & Fluffy!

Skyler was student of the week in his class last week so Friday at 1pm we went and listened to his student of the week presentation. It was pretty cute. After he and the teacher went through the presentation the class got to ask questions. They asked questions like "What is your favorite toy". I really got a couple of cute pictures.

I put the picture of the ice in because it is just so damn cold here that there is still ice here at 4:45pm from the sprinklers this morning around 10am. Isn't that just crazy???

We had a pretty good weekend. Yesterday I went to a luncheon/workshop at one of the churches downtown. It was called Simplify Your Life. The speaker was a lady named Kathy Peel. She was great, really nice. Lots of good ideas. Check her out at The lunch was good, but the best part was that they had babysitting and they also fed the boys. All included in the price! They had so much fun that when I went to pick them up they asked if they could stay and play!!!

Last night Shannon and I went to see Gabriel Iglesias. He is a super funny comedian. He was here at the Fox Theater to film his one hour special for Comedy Central. He came into the station a couple of months ago to do some interviews and I swear Shannon broke every speeding law to get to my work to meet him. Here is a picture of Shannon and Gabriel from that day. Look for his special to come out "Live from Bakersfield"!

Well, we didn't do much today. Finally got the last of the Christmas decorations down!!! Thank God for Laurie, she took down the tree last week! :-) This afternoon we all went to the park for a little while. It is way to cold for me!
Well, getting ready for the week.
Happy Sunday!!!


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