Friday, June 13, 2008


So today was the Father's day luncheon at the boys' school. They really do the nicest things there. They served barbeque beef sandwiches, potatoe salad, apples and desert. The boys gave their dad the cute little things that they had made for him at school (Skyler is going to David's daycare with him for the summer). Actually only Skyler gave him a present, David couldn't find his, his teacher was out all week with a bad back. I am sure they will find David's present on Monday. When they got home the water fun began. . .
Earlier in the week when I was not watching my children's every move they put dirt and grass our little pool. Today their Dad dumped out the pool in an effort to get the dirt out. Here are a few pictures of the fun they had in the water that came out of the pool.

This is them posing for mom!
Skyler doing snow angels in the water.

Look at the joy on Skyler's face. Too much fun!

One of the most fun things was when they ran and jumped landing in the water or landing on their feet on their "surfboards". Here they are posing on their "surfboards".

When we went down to my parent's house Memorial Day weekend my dad gave us a tomatoe plant. We planted it finally last weekend in a big pot and got it all hooked up to our sprinkler system. Today I noticed it had a few blooms on it!

So here is the pot, the plant, and our tomatoe cages.

Here is a close up of the little yellow blooms it has on it.

So after taking all of those cute pictures they decided they wanted an ugly picture. I know they are still pretty cute even when they are doing ugly.

Love Ya,


Blogger Ramona said...

Hi Michelle- I love hearing from you!! I can't believe how big the boys are!! We'll be in So. Cal in mid July--hope we can catch up. Love you!

7:47 PM  

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