Sunday, June 29, 2008

As Myrna would say. . .Wii should probably be doing something constructive!!!

The Lego's Star Wars game for the Wii has taken over my house!!!

Look at that concentration

Player and a patient observer

Goofy David!

Big Daddy!

Wow! Star Wars is in the house!!!

For about a week now all I hear from my kids is "Can I play Star Wars now???" or "When can I play Star Wars???" I have got to tell you, I am over it! Over the Wii Star Wars game. It might have to go on a little vacation soon!!! Both children and their father are all obsessed with this game. I tried to play but sucked so I gave up. That's probably why I am now over it.

We have taken breaks to go outside and play in the pool. I don't really know what was up with me today, I had a case of the lazies (what's new!) It took me three hours to get out of the house to go to Costco. I really went to get Sweet 'n Low and they didn't even have it! They did have these two water toys for the pool that you blow up and you can sit in them and shoot water at the other guy. They looked pretty cool so we got them.

Every picture I took of David in the pool today he had his eyes closed.

I think this is the cutest picture of Skyler. He looks like he is just chillin'.

I guess these are a little big for our small pool, but the boys sure had fun with them.

While the boys and Shannon had a little fun in the pool I made burritos for dinner. We ate in the living room. I think it is so cute when the boys eat at the little table in the middle of the room. Fine dining at its best.

So it was a pretty great weekend. I watched the movie Fool's Gold last Wednesday. It was a really cute movie. Last night Shannon and I watched The Bucket List. It was also really really good.

Well, I hope you all have a great week.

Happy Sunday!


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