Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Wish. . . . .

I wish I could find the charger for my camera. . .
I wish I could find my sister in law Cathy's phone number. . . I washed Shannon's phone and it was in there and now we don't have it. Cathy if you read this please call or e-mail me. Uncle Tom if you see this please call or e-mail me! Thanks.
I wish I had two boys that really were nice to each other. . .
I wish I had two little boys that I didn't have to bribe or threaten to clean up and/or do their homework . . .

I think I am just going to concentrate on the things I have to be grateful for because the list is so much longer than the things I wish for!!!

I also think that if I get up and start doing rather than sit at my computer I might find my camera charger, get the homework done and the housework done!!!

Happy Tuesday!
David has an appointment at the dentist tomorrow morning to get his kindergarten paperwork filled out/teeth checked!!! We also have tomorrow off!!!

Love Ya,

Oh I will work on getting some new pictures posted in the next couple of days.


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