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I think I am obsessed with reading blogs! It is quite irritating to me. Now that I am at home all the time I can spend a whole day on the computer. I just get lost in it. I find something to focus on and I'm gone. It is even worse than the tv or a novel for me!!!

The other day it was BENTO. Have you heard of bento? This is from

What is “bento”? Is it the style of packing? Is it the box? Is it the food?
A bento lunch is a compact, balanced, visually appealing meal packed in a box. Historically, it’s a Japanese box lunch, similar in concept to the Indian tiffin, the Korean dosirak, or the Filipino baon lunch. In Japanese, “bento” or “obento” refers to the packed meal, and “bento-bako” refers to the bento box itself. See the Wikipedia entry on bento for more details.

Ok, so I was on this for a whole day. It all started because I decided that I was not going to buy Skyler school lunches this year. I was going to pack lunches for him. Last year it seemed like every time I turned around I was forking out $50 for lunch tickets... we would get behind, I would owe the school money... they would send home notes. . . so I decided to send packed lunches this year. Then the question is what do I pack for him that is nutritious and yet something that he will like and eat? I could send peanut butter and jelly each day but really how good is that for him? And how much fun is a pb&j? And squished peanut butter and jelly is just ugly. So my quest began. Now a lot of bento is made up of sushi, and or rice. Skyler looks at sushi and gags so you know that wasn't an option. I decided to take some of the things I saw on all these different web sites and blogs (and let me tell you I saw a lot, obsessed I tell you) and put them into my own little creations! It turns out it is kind of fun. It does take a couple more minutes to get it all together than just throwing in a sandwich, but I am having a lot of fun with lunches. I even ordered some cute animal picks, little sauce containers, and egg molds!

So here are a few pictures of some of my cute lunches I have been sending with the boys (I make David a lunch to take to preschool on the days he goes, and on the days he doesn't I still make him one to eat at home, sometimes it is easier to do two at one time.)

This was the first day. I made star tortilla, cheese and salami sandwiches, pasta salad, cantalope stars, and put in some pumpkin cookies. I used the foil cupcake papers to seperate everything. Skyler likes tomatoes and mango, David likes strawberries.

So it worked like a charm. The first day they ate everything! Here are a couple more cute lunches. . .

Leftover chicken, fruit kabobs, pirate bootie (white cheese popcorn), grape tomatoes, and a mint double stuffed oreo for desert! I got the little halloween toothpicks at Target.

This one is salami with cream cheese, strawberries, cheese cubes, mini strawberry newtons, and mini chocolate and cinnamon rice cakes.

For the most part these lunches have been a hit. I usually give them chocolate milk, juice or water with their lunch, depending on what they request in the morning. More often than not most of the lunch is gone when they come home!

So enough about my quest for the cute lunch! What else is going on. This weekend was our fall festival at Skyler's school. We are so lucky that we live across the street (diagionally) from the school. I stand out front in the mornings and watch him walk to school. I am the Room Mom for Skyler's class. That means for the fall festival we were responsible for a booth and ours was pizza. I am so grateful we got such an easy booth. I got volunteers from the parents in the class to man the booth and my other job was to decorate the booth and make a sign/banner. The banner really turned out cute. It was black with pizza, three tickets, the teachers name, and then all the kids in the class made little slices of pizza and decorated them with bats, pumpkins, ghosts and haunted houses. I will take a picture today or tomorrow so you can see (I forgot to take my camera to the fall festival! Too much going on that day!)

Let's see what else. . .oh


Today is my cousin Julie's birthday. I hope you have an excellent day, a wonderful year and that everyday is filled with happiness. This is a busy birthday month. Julie, then my Mom, then my Sister!!! Too much fun. I better go so I can go buy cards and get them sent out!!!

Happy Monday!

Love ya,


Blogger Ramona said...

Ok, you are totally putting all of us other mothers to shame!! Yes, we too fall behind on the lunch ticket bills and get those threatening reminder notes sent home. Yes, I make the kids school lunches as a result, but boy mine are sure not as wonderful as your's. You are amazing!! I am so happy for you. Comment on my blog sometime--I never hear from you!! Our lives are so much a like--we have to stay in touch more!! Love you!!

9:00 PM  
Blogger June said...


I check your blog every once in a while. I love reading about the happening of your family. It reminds me of happenings we experienced when Katie was small. Boy has the time flown by. Katie is 22.

I love your lunches. Very creative. Scott made Katie's lunches every day, Kdg thru 12th grade! His were never that creative. He tried. I am just amazed that he was able to pull off having her take a home packed lunch to school all those years. He must have been doing something right.

I also can relate to you regarding reading blogs and other internet searches. I can just spend the morning away on the computer. I have to force myself away at times. Now with the winter weather arriving, I'll probably spend more time.

Keep blogging!! Happy Halloween! June

6:08 PM  

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