Friday, July 04, 2008


Master of Ceremonies - Head Sparkler Lighter!

Skyler - Sparkler Specialist

David - Head Sock Monster

Friends and Neighbors Sparkling!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Wow, fun was had by all. Our friends Dave and Beverly and their cute little boy Matteo came over for dinner. We had salmon and tri-tip that Dave barbiqued, it was wonderful. I made macaroni and cheese, green beans and ice cream cake. After dinner Shannon and Dave went over and got some sparklers and as soon as it got close to dark we were out front sparkling. The family down the street was out front doing poppers so they came down and we all shared. It was a lot of fun. The boys went to bed really late. I am sure they will be a little grumpy tomorrow. Who knows we might have a miracle and they might sleep in! (I can only hope).

Hope everyone's holiday was safe and a lot of fun.

Happy WaHoo July 4th holiday!!!

Love ya,


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