Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wednesday ~ Post #1

OK, Uncle Tom called me out!!!
So the last time I posted I mentioned that I would post some pictures that weekend if I could find my camera. That was some time in September, it is now sometime in October and I did find my camera, but have not yet posted! I got an e-mail from Uncle Tom today asking if I had found my camera so I thought I would do a couple of posts and try and catch you up on what we have been doing.

These three pictures are from the end of August. If you click on the pictures they get bigger.

The first picture is of Skyler. . .
Skyler started the first grade on August 19th. When I picked him up from school on that Friday he had this card saying he had lost a tooth, a sticker and his tooth in a tooth container hanging around his neck. He was so proud!

That same day we drove over to San Luis Obispo because Shannon was taping an event. We went over to spend some time over there in the trailer. It was at the Veteran's hall in SLO, and they had a museum there with a tank and a cannon in the front area. The boys had a lot of fun climbing on the camera. We also got to spend some time with my cousin Steve and his family. Steve and Helen are so nice, and their children are getting so big. We went over there both Saturday and Sunday and it was really nice to visit.


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