Friday, February 02, 2007


Well, it has been a little while since I was here so let me give you an update!

I tried a new class at the gym and just love it. . .

I took a spinning class a week ago Monday and I have to tell you, after I got over the pain in my ass (literally!) I absolutely love it!!! I went Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

After the class on Saturday I went down to Orange County for Isabel's third birthday. We had a great time. A little rain, but not much traffic either way, and the boys always have fun seeing the family and playing with Isabel. She had the cutest My Pretty Pony cake that someone that Amy works with made.

Here is a great picture of Isabel and the grandparents!!!

It was so cute to watch her open all of her presents. She got so excited over each one!!! She really is antimated. We spent the night and then made our way home early Sunday morning.

Monday night Shannon and I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Civic Theater downtown. It was a great show and we both really enjoyed it.

Tuesday night I went and got hypnotised. My work was partnering with this hypnotist from Florida to do two seminars. One on weight loss and the other for smoking. I went to the weight loss one. It was really cool. We were there for two hours but it only seemed like 15 minutes. I have been eatting less, wanting foods that are better for me, and drinking more water, so hopefully it worked and it will last! We will see.

Last night I tried to go to a spinning class, but it was cancelled, so instead I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

I am going to try and go to the spinning class on Saturday morning and then hopefully put the kids in a swimming class. Skyler has a birthday party to go to on Saturday night! Looks like another full weekend.

I will keep you posted.

Happy Wa hoo day!

Love ya,



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