Sunday, February 11, 2007


Can you see the blue in their hair. They are so funny. Skyler has been asking me for a few days to put gel into his hair, but I keep forgetting so this morning as we were getting ready to go to breakfast I remembered. As soon as Skyler was running around with blue gel in his hair David wanted some too. This is a first for him. They both look so cute!

This is what I call Skyler's rock star look. He was having fun posing for me for about a minute. He calls this one of his mad looks.
Here is a picture of my new glasses. I picked them up from Costco a week ago or so. They are for distance and up close! (old lady that I am becoming) I really like them. They take a little getting used to. They are kind of fuscha colored with peach rims. Most of the time they just look red!
It has been a pretty busy week. Skyler had a birthday party last Saturday, Shannon took him and David and I stayed home. Sunday we didn't do anything of what I had planned. Just kind of hung out. Worked all week. Friday I had a root canal. I am pretty lucky in that I was not in pain! Yesterday mostly running around. Today mostly relaxing. I am running out to the store right now as Shannon has requested lasagna for dinner. Skyler announced that he hates lasagna so more for us! Skyler doesn't have school tomorrow (they close for just about anything) so he is going to Sharon's house to do his valentine's day cards and make cookies!
Oh well, off to the store!
Happy Sunday,
Love Ya,


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