Sunday, February 25, 2007


Here are the long awaited pictures of my newest nephew Aidan. Aidan and his mom came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon around 2:30 and Amy sent me these pictures this morning. Pretty cute, totally bubba, and a little asian looking! I think he is adorable!!! I can't wait to go visit him. Hopefully I will get down there next weekend.

Not much going on here this weekend. I went shopping with Sharon for hours yesterday. HOURS! We had a great time. I got a necklace and some misc stuff, nothing big. She was shopping for an outfit to wear to her son Nick's boot camp graduation. In the first five minutes of shopping she found a suitcase she loved, it was only $500!!!

It is a Brighton! I am sure she would love contributions to her luggage fund! Or better yet everyone call her husband, Greg and pass on the information so he knows what to get her. I think their anniversary is coming up!

We went to church this morning, and then back home for the day. I took a three hour nap! I must have been tired. Anyway, I am going to throw a load of cloths in the washer and get ready for the week!!!

Happy Sunday!

Love ya,



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