Sunday, March 25, 2007

Finally. . . It's all coming together!

Well I have wanted a patio set for my back patio for a couple of years and yesterday we got this set. I really like it (if only this was our backyard!!!) We got it at K-Mart and all the chairs are the kind you can rock in a little. I don't know if we will ever use the fire pit part of it, but it is a nice sized table and instead of getting a loveseat and two chairs we got four chairs. I think this will be really comfortable on our back patio. We put it together last night (after fishing at our little lake!) I think we might get a gazebo to cover our patio table. We have an umbrella, but it really doesn't do much for the afternoon sun.
I think I will brew a pot of decaf and take my Sunday paper outside and sit on my new patio furniture and relax!!!
Happy Sunday,
Love ya,


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