Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sickies at my house

Wow, what a week! Last weekend Skyler was off and on not feeling well and slept a lot. I thought he was better. . . Wednesday I got a call from his school telling me that he was sitting with his head on the table and the teacher asked him if he wanted to lay down and he did. She wanted to let me know that he did not have to go home (no fever) but did I want to come and get him. I did, thank God for Sharon. She was off work and came to my work and picked him up. He stayed home with Sara the next day and seemed fine by Friday so off to school he went. Friday I got a call around noon saying that David had a fever of 102 and would have to go home. I went and picked him up and we went home for the day. Yesterday he seemed fine, so I took them both to A Good Time Out, went to Target, got a pedicure and did a little grocery shopping. Our friends Dave and Beverly came over last night for a barbecue. I marinated some chicken (it turned out so good) and we grilled some veggies and had brown rice. Beverly brought a salad and we all had a nice healthy meal. David fell asleep in the toy room around 6pm and around 8 or so seemed go have a fever again! He woke up acting just fine again this morning! I don't know what it is that is going around but it has stopped at our house.

Wow, Daylight Savings Time already! I really like the time change. Tomorrow morning will be a challenge, but I love leaving work and having it be light for so late into the night!

Well, I am thinking I will get up and do the breakfast dishes (pancakes this morning). I am missing my coffee, gave it caffeine up for Lent. Maybe I will grind up some decaf beans and make a pot! I am going to (once again) try to go through and clean some things out. Getting rid off all the excess (I am so very bad at this!!!)

I will let you know how I did on my clean out efforts!

Happy Sunday,

Love Ya,



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