Thursday, May 17, 2007


So I guess maybe everyone didn't know that Alison was pregnant. And I thought I was the last to know everything! Anyway, I think she is due in September. I will keep you posted.

I found out today that Isabel's wrist isn't as bad as they first thought and she won't have to have a cast!!! Just wear the splint for a few weeks!

Skyler lost another tooth yesterday!!! This time it was the top (front) left. And again he lost the tooth ~ so ~ his dad made another cute note for us to put under his pillow. This time the tooth fairy left him three one dollar bills!!!

Last night I took the boys to see Sesame Street (elmo!). We all had a great time. It is so cute to see them dance and sing. We had great seats. It is funny how at the second half of the show the noise level is so much higher than the first half. Kind of like everyone all the sudden is way too tired and up way past their bedtimes.

Tonight we went to Payless shoes and the boys both got Spider Man Flip Flops that light up when you walk.

Julie reminded me that Al Conrad's birthday is also May 25th (he will be 54!!!) Al, I want you to know that you too are invited to spend the day with us at Knott's Berry Farm. Let me know if your are going to be able to make it, I will be sure to get you a ticket and make sure someone picks you up at the airport!!!

Well, I just read Julie's comment and it made me laugh, so I had to post!

Off to bed for me before I become a pumpkin. . .

Happy Friday (we are so close I am just going for it!!!)
Love ya,


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