Saturday, April 21, 2007


Skyler ready for his 1st t-ball game

Up to bat

Shannon and Skyler outfield waiting for the ball

Adjusting his mitt

Ready to Rock n Roll

David spinning round and round

David resting after his snack!!!

Well, today was our first t-ball game (we had practice on Thursday night.) We had a great time. We signed Skyler up for a non-competitive league so they don't keep score, everyone just plays and has fun. I think Skyler had a great time. Next week is picture day and then they will get a trophy with their picture in it. It is a six week program, so at the end he should have some idea of how to play, catch, hit. . .

David is signed up in a group called itty bittys. They don't have games, they just play on Thursday nights. They do two weeks of soccer, two weeks of basketball and two weeks of t-ball. Last thursday was soccer.

Not much else new here. I will try and post more tomorrow!

Love ya,



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