Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Did You Miss Me?????

I can't believe that it has been this long since I have posted. I got a really nice e-mail from my mom yesterday suggesting that I get off my butt and update my blog!!! (not necessarily in those words!)
So what's new you ask. I will try and fill you in on what we have been doing, and if I miss anything, well, there is always tomorrow.
In the middle of April I decided I would start selling Mary Kay. I went to a spa day with one of my friends and had no intention of even buying anything, but really liked the products , wanted it all, found out how much money you could make and well, here I am, two months or so later having sold over $3000!!! I even have the beginning of a team with eight people signed up under me! Pink Cadillac here I come!!! At the beginning of May one of the other consultants and myself set up a display at a craft fair and got a lot of leads so I have been calling those lady's and inviting them to spa days (like the one I first went to). So if you need or want any Mary Kay give me a call or e-mail me!
Skyler and Amy (and Al Conrad) share the same birthday so Memorial weekend we went down to Orange County and celebrated. We got Skyler a pretty cool Digital Camera for kids for his birthday! (the camera is in one of the pictures) He turned six. I cannot believe how big he is getting. He had so much fun with Alison's camera one year when he went down south with Alison and John. This camera is cool because it is for kids; the viewfinder has two holes to look thru and it is bigger, easier for small hands to hold onto. We went to Knotts Berry Farm on Saturday and then then next day had a barbecue at Steve's house (he wasn't home!) Everyone had a great time. Brock's niece Megan joined us at Knotts. Skyler got his face painted like spiderman and David was two-face. I think Megan and Isabel got nice butterflys!
The boys are having a fun summer. Every day at their school right after breakfast they all put their bathing suits on and play in water outside. They are going to swim lessons every Saturday morning and seem to really be progressing. We go to the community pool in our track and they swim and have a great time. We bought one of those small pools (10ft round by 30inches) for our back yard. It has a little filter and is fun for those nights when you don't want to leave the house. Maybe someday we will get a pool in our back yard, but our yard is so small it would probably be all pool. My concern with that is the boys not having a swing set. . . and the cost of course! Well, maybe someday. There were a lot of bigger kids at the community pool and a lot of the things they said and thought were funny were not really nice, and not really something I would want my boys repeating (they are bad enough by themselves!!!)
Tomorrow I am going to Universal Studios with some Mary Kay ladies. I have never been and am looking forward to it! I will try and post with more frequency!
Happy Tuesday,
Love ya,


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