Saturday, June 30, 2007

Universal Studios Watch Out!

Michelle and Amber in front of the Hard Rock Guitar

Amber, Karen and Michelle on the Back Lot Tour

The Flat Tire

Well, Wednesday I went to Universal Studios in Hollywood with a couple of gals from Mary Kay. It is what is called a star trip and we go once a quarter. It was really fun. I had never been there! We left Bakersfield around 10:30 am and got there right in time to eat lunch. We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. We all shared beef and chicken fajitas and spinach dip. Quite good. Then we went on into the park. First we went on the back lot tour. It was really neat. We then made our way down to Jurassic Park the ride. If only someone would have told me how very wet I would have gotten I never would have got on! From there we went on Backdraft, then a show about special effects and then the Mummy's Revenge (a high speed roller coaster!) We made our way back up and saw a Blue's Brother's show and ended it all with Shreck 3D. On our way out we shared crepes at a little place on the City Walk before getting out to a flat tire on Karen's Mary Kay Caddy! It was a long and late night, but all and all a lot of fun!!!

Shannon had to work today so it was just the boys and I. We had planned to go to Sharon's house and swim all day, but that didn't happen! This morning we got up and had breakfast and went off to the boys swim lessons. They are both doing very well. After swim we went to the grocery store where David promptly got sick! Vomited all over the place, quite a few times. . . . So we ended up having a quite day at home. We watched a really cute kids movie, Arthur and the Invisibles. David and I took a nap, and Skyler played for a few hours with the boys down the street. David ate some dinner and seems to be keeping it down so hopefully that bug has passed.

We will see what tomorrow holds, I will keep you posted.

Love Ya,


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