Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Countdown to Christmas!!!

Can you believe there are only 27 more days until Christmas? Where has this year gone???

I am unfortunately feeling a little under the weather. Shannon was snotting and sneezing all weekend and now I have a cough and feel like my chest is burning up. Yuck! I swear he only got out of bed about three hours total on Thanksgiving! I am going to try the humidifier tonight when I go to bed. My mom swears by it!

I am waiting for my list of wants from Brock, Amy and my Dad. John Malkin said he would rather be surprised. I told Amy if I didn't get her list soon it would be 100 items from The Dollar Store, or I could go shop for her at Big Lots!!! (Big Lots does have great kid toys!) She kind of needs to hurry. I am ready to get this Christmas shopping adventure over!!!

Oh well, off to humidify myself. Wish me luck and send good health wishes my way!

Love ya,


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