Sunday, July 15, 2007

I am REALLY supposed to be working right now!

Let's see. . . .
work ~ blog ~ work ~ look at computer ~ work. . . .
OK, blog update wins.

So, what did we do this weekend? Thursday night Shannon went and picked up the trailer, he had a roundup to tape this weekend. This is one of his favorite events. We never make much money there, but it is a family event, in the Tehachapi mountains and is always a lot of fun. The people are really nice and always excited to see us. Friday morning the boys and I went off to work and school and Shannon went to set up at the campground. Saturday morning we got up and went to swim lessons, and then made our way up the hill (it is about 45 minutes away) to go camp for the rest of the weekend. We went for a walk on Saturday for about 40 minutes while Shannon did some duplication and then we went fishing where each boy caught 2 fish! Skyler was so funny during the walk he would look at me and say, "do you think we should take a little break now"! He did that three times during our walk, each break was just a few minutes, but it was cute. The only thing I don't like about this roundup is that the campground is mostly dirt. Other than that it was really nice. I did have to make a trip into town as I found I did not have any kid videos in the motor home and I gave the boys a shower and put on pj's at about 6pm so . . K-Mart saved the day! Today we packed up and came home, went out to lunch on the way. Shannon made burgers and we have all showered. So I have to do the payroll tonight or at least give it a good shot!

I am pretty excited about the next couple of weeks. I have a spa day on Monday night and another one on Saturday. On Sunday Skyler and I are driving down to Orange County for Alison's Baby Shower. Skyler is staying the week down there and I am going to the Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas!!! I am really excited about going! I expect to come back on FIRE!!! I will be there from the 24th to the 28th and will fly into LAX. The 29th is Aiden's baptism so my family will drive down for the baptism and pick Skyler and I up and take us home! I promise to take and post lots of pictures of all events! (I didn't take any this weekend (bad mom)).

Oh well, off to work on the payroll. . .

Love ya,


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