Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just another day in Paradise

This is so funny. The Simpson's movie is coming out soon and they were in the lobby of the theater and Skyler loves the Simpson's and wanted me to take their picture with them! The funny part is that Skyler and Shannon would watch The Simpson's every day and I would keep telling Shannon I didn't think it was appropriate for a five year old (that's when he was watching it). Finally someone else told him the same thing and he/we told Skyler that the show had been discontinued. It was like old home week for him when he saw them in the theater lobby! Too funny.

The weekend was good. I went to a Mary Kay Career Brunch on Saturday morning and then came home and took the kids swimming at my friend Sharon's house. Afterwards we came home and Melissa came over to babysit and Shannon and I went to Red Lobster for dinner. Shannon painted the bathroom while we were all swimming. Sunday we went to the Circus. We went a little early so that we could go down and see the clowns and animals on the floor of the arena, up close and personal. I didn't know that all the animals were right next door at the Civic and we could have gone over and got up close and personal with them! We all had a great time. The boys got clown hats and red noses. I will see if I can get them to put them on and take a picture of them to post.

The bedroom turned out great. It looks beautiful and as soon as I charge my camera I will get some pictures. We got some peaches and nectarines mailed to us at the radio station this week so I took a bunch of peaches home and made peach cobbler. It turned out great and was really easy. I had to take Skyler to the dentist so I dropped it off at my work on the way to his 9am dentist appt and when I got back to work at 11am it was gone! It was so easy I am going to make another one tomorrow morning. Skyler did great at the dentist. He was a little nervous but got his tooth filled and it didn't even phase him. He said he didn't even cry!

Well, Shannon has to tape a convention in Tehachapi this weekend. It is a camping roundup. Last year we went up and spent the night with him and I guess we will again this year. Hopefully it will be a little cooler up on the hill.

I will post pictures of the bedroom soon.

Happy WaHoo day,
Love Ya,


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