Thursday, July 05, 2007


You will never believe what happened to me today. I was sitting in my office and it felt like I got something in my eye, then it really started itching. I rubbed my eye pretty hard, it itched and itched. Finally I got a mirror out to see if there was something in my eye. I had a little black spot near my eyelashes and I thought it was probably a lump of mascara (I sometimes get those if I rub my eyes too hard.) I was kind of flicking it off and off comes an ant. That's right I said AN ANT! My eye immediately starts to swell up and so off I went to Urgent care. An hour and two prescriptions later they let me go. I don't think it is the best look for me, but the boys gave me two thumbs up!
Shannon painted all day and got two coats of primer on the bedroom. I took both coats to cover that yellow / red combo we had in there. It should look really good when we are done. I will post pictures!
Happy WaHoo day tomorrow. I will keep you posted on my eye!
Love Ya,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle, I feel so badly for you! I hope that your eye is better today. Love you, Mom

3:38 PM  

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