Sunday, December 02, 2007

God please help me to get through today!

I swear some days that is my mantra and I just have to keep saying it over and over.
I know, it is hard to believe when I have two boys as cute as this that I would have to repeat that over and over but I swear some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed!
I have this killer headache from coughing all the time, and every single thing I have said to Skyler today he has had something to say back to me. He has no concept that this is talking back and it seems that there is nothing I can say to him to help him understand.
I do seem to be feeling a little better. Cough is still there, but I did put on some clothes today and make my way to the grocery store!
Tonight I took a few pictures of the boys. Skyler brought this bear home from school. Its name is Sunny bear and you bring it home and then write in a journal about the things you did together over the weekend. It also has a small photo album for you to put a picture of the child and the bear. This weekend the bear go to go to the gym with Skyler, he had to wait in the car as they don't allow outside bears into the gym. On Saturday he and Skyler got to help Skyler's dad put up the Christmas lights (I am still working on getting a picture for you!), and during this time got to go to target (for more lights) and played with the boys down the street. Sunny bear even got to try and play the WI with Skyler. I think they had a fun weekend!
Oh peace and quiet, they finally fell asleep. I better go in and check on them so I can remember they are angels!
Happy Sunday,
Love ya,


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