Friday, September 19, 2008

What's going on. . .

Wow, it has been forever since I posted. Here is what has been happening. First I don't know where my camera is. I haven't really looked for it, but every time I think about updating my blog I think I should put a picture or pictures up and since I don't know where my camera is I can't put up any pictures. Then I get busy and another day goes by and pretty soon ~ well, you know how that goes.
Skyler is doing ok in school. 1st grade is HARD! The first couple of week were pretty easy, kind of just repeat stuff but the past couple of weeks we have had sight words and spelling tests. Hard. The first week he got 100% on both tests. This week he missed one word on his spelling test and two on his sight words. He could not for the life of him get how to spell the word "the". I think one of the problems is that he gets frustrated and gives up. Oh well, we just have to keep trying, I know that just when I am ready to give up he totally amazes me!
David is going to preschool three days a week for four hours a day. He got Student of the week/day (not sure which one!) and got a certificate and a prize today from school. It is so nice to have them both out of the house and have a little peace and quiet! I can't believe that David will be five in a couple of weeks. That just boggles my mind.
I got the coolest new bluetooth speaker thing for my car today. It is by BlueAnt and is called a Supertooth 3 (or something like that.) I took it out of the box turned it on and it paired with my phone, uploaded my contacts and was ready to go in about 3-5 minutes. It attaches to your visor and when someone calls me it announces their name and then you just say ok and your call is connected. Too cool!
We had some friends over for a barbecue labor day weekend and I made some pinto beans. One of our guest brought chili beans so I put my pinto beans in the freezer. I have been eating these for the past two weeks. They are so yummy. I am kind of bummed because I ran out tonight. I will have to make up another batch tomorrow. Also over Labor day weekend we moved the Wii game from the living room to our bedroom. It is so nice because now when the kids play video games they are in another room. We have a love seat at the end of our bed and it is so nice to have in there because the kids have been hanging out there.
Well, if I find my camera over the weekend I will get some pictures up!
Happy WaHoo Day!!!