Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bedtime Blues

Some days are certainly better than others. At David's pre-school they take a nap every day. Most nights David is still awake at 9pm. Sometimes 10. This week (and last) since Skyler has not had school he has been going to David's school. I have got to tell you bedtime has been quite the challenge.
Tonight Shannon sat in the room with the boys for about 1/2 hour at which time he was done. Some time after that Skyler lost every privilege he might have tomorrow, TV, gameboy, wii. You name it he lost it. Well he just came unglued. At that point Shannon sent David into my room to go to sleep. When I walked through the house sometime in the next five minutes after that, this is what I found.

David looking at the Toys r Us catalog in my bed. . . . . .

Guitar hero in the living room (picture taken in the mirror, check out the new TV!!!)

And one very sad boy in his room.

It is now less than ten minutes later and I still have guitar hero in the living room, but David has migrated back to his room, and all is quiet.

Tomorrow is another day!
Almost WaHoo Day!!!
Love ya,

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Too Cute. . .

I swear these little boys can be so cute. Tonight we got home from work/school and David helped me roll up some pigs in a blanket, then he moseyed on over to where his brother was laying on the floor playing his game boy to watch! Too cute! Check out Skylers new shoes ~ they have wheels in the heels!
Happy Wednesday!!!
Love ya,

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Skyler as a Transformer and David was the Blue Power Ranger!
Halloween 2007
David was a tree in his Christmas Play!Pancake Breakfast with Santa
at David's school!
Skyler as a Gingerbread Boy at his school Kindergarten Chirstmas Presentation!

David & I on Christmas Eve
Aidan, Papa and Steve on Christmas Eve
Boys opening toys! Mini Guitar Hero



Well, I am right now as I write this downloading from my camera 473 pictures. I have this horrible habit of taking pictures and keeping every single one of them on my camera. I don't think I shared Halloween pictures and I have not posted any Christmas pictures. I will try and do so after all these hundreds of pictures download.

2007 was sure quick!

We all in all had a great year. Everyone stayed pretty healthy here. Skyler started kindergarten and seems to be doing quite well, David is in pre-K at his school and I am amazed every day at the things he is learning. Those little boys are growing up, getting bigger and it sure is fun to watch.

We went to see the chipmunks movie today. They had songs that I have been singing for years. It was really a cute movie!

Well, I need to get those boys out of the bath. I will try and post some pictures later tonight!

Happy New Year!
Love Ya,