Saturday, April 21, 2007


Skyler ready for his 1st t-ball game

Up to bat

Shannon and Skyler outfield waiting for the ball

Adjusting his mitt

Ready to Rock n Roll

David spinning round and round

David resting after his snack!!!

Well, today was our first t-ball game (we had practice on Thursday night.) We had a great time. We signed Skyler up for a non-competitive league so they don't keep score, everyone just plays and has fun. I think Skyler had a great time. Next week is picture day and then they will get a trophy with their picture in it. It is a six week program, so at the end he should have some idea of how to play, catch, hit. . .

David is signed up in a group called itty bittys. They don't have games, they just play on Thursday nights. They do two weeks of soccer, two weeks of basketball and two weeks of t-ball. Last thursday was soccer.

Not much else new here. I will try and post more tomorrow!

Love ya,


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shannon was a CHAMP!

Shannon had his gallbladder out this morning and he came thru with flying colors!!!
He was very nervous going in as he has never ever been in the hospital, never had any surgery, nothing! He was a MESS this morning! We got to the hospital and he got all ready, as soon as possible I asked the Anesthesiologist to give him a shot of something. He said that Dr Garcia had already told him that Shannon was super nervous. The doctor came out about an hour later and told me everything went well. Shannon was in recovery for about an hour and a half and then they transfered him to a room from which he was released. We were home by noon!

I had to take Skyler for his kindergarten physical on Tuesday so today we went back to the Doctors office so that he could have his TB test read. I took him back to school and then went over to the school across the street and got him all enrolled! He will be a big kindergartner come August!!! It is amazing how big they both are getting.

Well, it is back to work for me tomorrow. One day and then the weekend!!!

Oh I signed the boys up for t-ball today. Skyler will be playing with the 4 & 5 year olds and it is just t-ball. David is in a group called itty bittys. It is for three year olds and they do two weeks of basketball, two weeks of soccer and two weeks of t-ball. They will have practices on Thursday nights and then games on Saturdays. I will try and have some pictures next week. We get to go this Saturday to the meeting where they get their t-shirts and get to meet their coaches! I think they will really enjoy it, they are both pretty good at backyard ball and very coordinated.

Well, off to see the wizard.
Happy Thursday!!!
Love ya,

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie Please!

That was what fell into my brain as I thought about what is going on with us. Shannon has to have his gallbladder taken out, so tomorrow at 6am we are to arrive at the hospital for his surgery. He has never had any kind of surgery and is very, very nervous!

Easter was great! I went to my parent's house (actually Amy's) on Saturday to pick up Skyler and see Aidan. Skyler had spent the week with my parents as he did not have school. I think they all had a great time (he missed me!) Anyway it was pretty uneventful. . . Aidan is TOTALLY CUTE!!!
Sunday we woke up and the Easter Bunny had been here. It was great. Skyler was way better at finding eggs than David was so I helped him a little. Tuesday I took Skyler to have his Kindergarten physical. He had to have FOUR shots and a TB test. I have to take him in tomorrow to have his TB test read and then I can turn in all his paperwork. They only take 80 kindergartners. I will turn in his paperwork tomorrow!!!

Not much else new here. Kind of tired tonight, have to get up early tomorrow. I will keep you posted!

Happy Hump Day,
Love ya,

Sunday, April 01, 2007

What a beautiful day!

It is so nice outside today! This is a picture of Skyler and the fish he caught yesterday when he went fishing with his dad. He was so proud, he caught two fish and Shannon only caught one!

My parents came up to visit over the weekend and we all had a great visit. I played Cribbage with my dad this morning. I had played a couple of times before, but I think it was over 20 years ago! I did pretty good. I am pretty sure it was beginner's luck!!! My parents took Skyler home for the week as he does not have any school this week. We will drive down next weekend and pick him up.

Happy Sunday!
Love ya,