Tuesday, August 25, 2009


WOW, even Esmirelda was excited about the boys going back to school. I was doing the happy dance I have to tell you!!! All these girls were talking about their kids going to school and how sad they were going to be and how they cried, but I have got to tell you, I sang a happy song, did a happy dance, even this morning I did another one!
So Skyler is a big second grader and David had his first day of Kindergarten yesterday. They both liked their teachers and had great days. I think David is a little tired, he is currently having a tantrum! Maybe we better go to bed earlier tonight! Getting into the routine of doing homework again is seemingly going to be a challenge. Skyler thinks he should play the wii for a little while before doing homework. It may be ok for this first week, because there is really not any homework, but after that it is NOT GOING TO FLY! Home, snack and homework in that order. No privileges until your homework is done! I can't tell you how nice and quiet it is when Es is taking a nap, and the boys are at school. Woo Hoo!
Anyway, just checking in!
Happy Tuesday!
Love Ya,

Monday, August 03, 2009

Well. . . .

So, I am still doing homework. It is no fun! I remember why I have not gone to school in 100 years! I am so close to being done. Probably tonight.
What else is new. . .
Well Christine had her baby. A really cute little boy.
This happened the same weekend of the Richards Family Reunion.

We did not go up as we had the new baby here and were adjusting (and TIRED!!!) It sounds like everyone had a great time and I am sorry that we missed it! We got a call from the little baby's social worker on Monday and a cousin of the mother had been approved and the baby was placed with her on Thursday. So the little baby went away. Back down to Skyler, David and Esmirelda.
Esmirelda had a high fever (104.7) on Wednesday and Thursday so Thursday afternoon I took her to the E/R and it turned out she had strep throat. They gave her some antibiotics and she is much better. She has a little rash on her face from the high fever, but is fine.
Shannon had a convention to tape this weekend, it was McCartney's birthday (my friend Sharon's grandson), so we went on over there for swimming, BBQ and cake. It was a lot of fun. All in all we had a great weekend, but I was glad when Shannon got home.
Well, that's about it for now.
Back to the grindstone!
Happy Monday,