Monday, August 18, 2008

So, I might be a bad mom???

Well, today was the first day of first grade for Skyler and I didn't get any pictures!!!
I did get both boys breakfast, dressed, lunches made and over to the school on time, but I was in such a rush I didn't take any pictures. David was so cute, when we got home from dropping Skyler off he immediately came in and ate everything that was in his lunch box. I even remembered to pick Skyler up from school at 2:15!!! He was so cute. He had a sticker on that said, "I am in 1st grade" and was standing waiting with his teacher. She said he had a great day. When I asked him about his lunch he said he only ate his sandwich, when I unpacked his backpack and lunch box the lunch box was empty. When I asked him about it he said he threw everything else away! Oh well, hopefully tomorrow he will eat more or bring it home and eat it after school.
We did his homework for today and then he and David were off to the pool in the back yard! I spent about four hours out there yesterday cleaning, sweeping and getting rid of spider webs. The boys washed off and shined their quads after going in the pool.
Time to get dinner going - Chicken Enchiladas and Apple Dumplings!!!
Happy Monday (woo hoo school has started!!!)
Love ya,

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summertime Fun!!!

Isn't this the greatest picture. It truly reflects summer fun and family to me! Too bad I wasn't there. This was a couple of weeks ago at my cousin Steve's house. It was his wife Theresa's birthday and my cousin Ramona and her family were visiting from Utah. Steve called me and invited me over and I really would have driven down but we went to Hurricane Harbor that day. Hurricane Harbor was great fun! I was so organized. We were leaving the house at 8am and Shannon was out of town so it was just the boys and I. I packed everything the night before so all we had to do was get up and get dressed. Unfortunately I forgot to charge my camera so the only pictures I have are of the boys sitting on their booster chairs waiting for Sharon and Greg to pick us up.

I really don't know what David is doing in this picture. I got these swim shirts for them from Target. They are wonderful. They are spf 50 so they totally protected the boys from the sun and I just really had to worry about their faces, ears and necks!!! Hurricane Harbor had the same kind of play structures you see at playgrounds but with water. They had a smaller kids area, a just a little bigger kids area (with a pirate theme and a real water slide for younger kids, not toddler), a great wave pool, and then they had the lazy river which goes in a circle around most of the park, has a slight current, and you can float on tubes around in a really relaxed way. We all had a great time and I am looking forward to going back someday!

Summer is winding down for us. School starts here on Monday. Skyler will be starting 1st grade so he and I walked over to the school yesterday at 4pm to check and find out who his teacher is and what classroom he will be in. David isn't going to school (kindergarten) until next year so, but will be going back to pre-k September 2nd for three days a week.

Well have a super Saturday!!!

Love ya,

ps Julie, Thanks so much for the cute card!!!