Sunday, March 01, 2009


Wow, I can not believe that it is already March 1st. Next week we get to spring forward! I love daylight savings time. If only I could get rid of this cough and get back to feeling 100%. I feel like I have been sick since Thanksgiving.

So you ask yourself what has been going on here in our world. I feel like I am always busy. . .
work, homework, boys, baby, laundry. . . the list just goes on an on. Most days it is really ok, but by the time I think about updating my blog I am just too tired. I also think since I have been on facebook,I have not spent the time updating my blog. So, here I am.

Esmeralda is still with us. I still don't know for how long, but one day at a time she is here. She is so cute and getting bigger by the day! David and Skyler are doing well. Skyler and I have some good homework days and some not so good homework days, but never the less it always gets done! It is some of our quality time together. The boys have been having a great time, especially this weekend being outside, throwing the football with their Dad, and just enjoying the outdoors.

At the end of January the kids and I went down south for Isabel's 5th birthday. We had a great time. She had a jump house, and it is always fun to see all the family. She is such a big girl and it will be fun to have her and David in the same grade together. Both going to kindergarten next year. Can you even believe it??? Here are some pictures from that weekend. (sorry about the little pictures, I got them off of Amy's facebook!)

The end of February (the 22nd) was Aidan's 2nd birthday. We were all scheduled to go down, but I was SICK. SICK,SICK,SICK! I was so disappointed that I could not go down. David kept saying, I can't believe we aren't going to Aidan's birthday. I felt so bad. Even Alison and Bodhi flew down. Here are some pictures from Aidan's birthday. He is so big now!

Well, I promise I will update more!
Happy Sunday,
Love Ya,