Sunday, July 15, 2007

I am REALLY supposed to be working right now!

Let's see. . . .
work ~ blog ~ work ~ look at computer ~ work. . . .
OK, blog update wins.

So, what did we do this weekend? Thursday night Shannon went and picked up the trailer, he had a roundup to tape this weekend. This is one of his favorite events. We never make much money there, but it is a family event, in the Tehachapi mountains and is always a lot of fun. The people are really nice and always excited to see us. Friday morning the boys and I went off to work and school and Shannon went to set up at the campground. Saturday morning we got up and went to swim lessons, and then made our way up the hill (it is about 45 minutes away) to go camp for the rest of the weekend. We went for a walk on Saturday for about 40 minutes while Shannon did some duplication and then we went fishing where each boy caught 2 fish! Skyler was so funny during the walk he would look at me and say, "do you think we should take a little break now"! He did that three times during our walk, each break was just a few minutes, but it was cute. The only thing I don't like about this roundup is that the campground is mostly dirt. Other than that it was really nice. I did have to make a trip into town as I found I did not have any kid videos in the motor home and I gave the boys a shower and put on pj's at about 6pm so . . K-Mart saved the day! Today we packed up and came home, went out to lunch on the way. Shannon made burgers and we have all showered. So I have to do the payroll tonight or at least give it a good shot!

I am pretty excited about the next couple of weeks. I have a spa day on Monday night and another one on Saturday. On Sunday Skyler and I are driving down to Orange County for Alison's Baby Shower. Skyler is staying the week down there and I am going to the Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas!!! I am really excited about going! I expect to come back on FIRE!!! I will be there from the 24th to the 28th and will fly into LAX. The 29th is Aiden's baptism so my family will drive down for the baptism and pick Skyler and I up and take us home! I promise to take and post lots of pictures of all events! (I didn't take any this weekend (bad mom)).

Oh well, off to work on the payroll. . .

Love ya,

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just another day in Paradise

This is so funny. The Simpson's movie is coming out soon and they were in the lobby of the theater and Skyler loves the Simpson's and wanted me to take their picture with them! The funny part is that Skyler and Shannon would watch The Simpson's every day and I would keep telling Shannon I didn't think it was appropriate for a five year old (that's when he was watching it). Finally someone else told him the same thing and he/we told Skyler that the show had been discontinued. It was like old home week for him when he saw them in the theater lobby! Too funny.

The weekend was good. I went to a Mary Kay Career Brunch on Saturday morning and then came home and took the kids swimming at my friend Sharon's house. Afterwards we came home and Melissa came over to babysit and Shannon and I went to Red Lobster for dinner. Shannon painted the bathroom while we were all swimming. Sunday we went to the Circus. We went a little early so that we could go down and see the clowns and animals on the floor of the arena, up close and personal. I didn't know that all the animals were right next door at the Civic and we could have gone over and got up close and personal with them! We all had a great time. The boys got clown hats and red noses. I will see if I can get them to put them on and take a picture of them to post.

The bedroom turned out great. It looks beautiful and as soon as I charge my camera I will get some pictures. We got some peaches and nectarines mailed to us at the radio station this week so I took a bunch of peaches home and made peach cobbler. It turned out great and was really easy. I had to take Skyler to the dentist so I dropped it off at my work on the way to his 9am dentist appt and when I got back to work at 11am it was gone! It was so easy I am going to make another one tomorrow morning. Skyler did great at the dentist. He was a little nervous but got his tooth filled and it didn't even phase him. He said he didn't even cry!

Well, Shannon has to tape a convention in Tehachapi this weekend. It is a camping roundup. Last year we went up and spent the night with him and I guess we will again this year. Hopefully it will be a little cooler up on the hill.

I will post pictures of the bedroom soon.

Happy WaHoo day,
Love Ya,

Thursday, July 05, 2007


You will never believe what happened to me today. I was sitting in my office and it felt like I got something in my eye, then it really started itching. I rubbed my eye pretty hard, it itched and itched. Finally I got a mirror out to see if there was something in my eye. I had a little black spot near my eyelashes and I thought it was probably a lump of mascara (I sometimes get those if I rub my eyes too hard.) I was kind of flicking it off and off comes an ant. That's right I said AN ANT! My eye immediately starts to swell up and so off I went to Urgent care. An hour and two prescriptions later they let me go. I don't think it is the best look for me, but the boys gave me two thumbs up!
Shannon painted all day and got two coats of primer on the bedroom. I took both coats to cover that yellow / red combo we had in there. It should look really good when we are done. I will post pictures!
Happy WaHoo day tomorrow. I will keep you posted on my eye!
Love Ya,

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independance Day!!!

No fireworks for us today.

Sunday we did marathon mall day. . .I can't even tell you how much fun it is to go to the mall for about five hours with my whole family! (not)

After the mall we went to a new sushi place in town. It was really good and the boys were both on pretty good behaviour so after dinner we walked to Rite Aid and the boys got ice creams. It was a nice day even if we did probably spend too much time in the mall.

I am going to the Mary Kay Convention in Dallas at the end of July. I needed to purchase a formal floor length gown for two of the nights I will be there. I found one at the mall at Sears, but it wasn't my favorite and it was over $150 and I did not want to spend that much. Monday during my lunch I ran over to David's Bridal and found a two piece midnight blue taffeta gown for $29 each piece. So for about $60 I got a gown I really like!!!

Today we decided to go to see the movie Ratatouille. We went to the theater at the mall and we were running a little late (as usual). We did not expect the whole town to be at the movies! It was really hot here today so I guess it kind of makes sense. Since we were not going to make the 11:40 show and the next one was not until 1:40 we called Fandango and got tickets for the later show and then went into the mall (back into the mall.) I truly have not been to the mall since I think right before Alison's wedding and here we are back at the mall! Anyway we found a really cute bedding set (we needed a new one) at Macy's. It was on sale, 24 pieces. The only problem is that it doesn't match the wall color in our room. So ~ now we are painting the walls! Shannon had taken Thursday off of work and Friday is his off Friday so there you are. We just now finished taping off the walls so that first thing in the morning he can start painting! I will post pictures of the finished product.

Well, it is really late, I think I feel myself turning into a pumpkin!

Love Ya,