Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, I still haven't found my camera charger, as a matter of fact I can't even find my camera, but here are some pictures the babysitter took yesterday. They are pretty cute so I thought I would share them with you. We had Skyler's birthday party Friday with his friends from school, and I have some pictures from the party on a cd, I just have to upload them to the computer (my new little computer does not have a cd drive!) I will try and get them posted tonight or tomorrow, but until then, enjoy these!
Happy Monday,
Love Ya,

Friday, May 15, 2009

I Missed It!

So yesterday was Aunt Nonie's birthday. Her 80th birthday! So I was going to call her in the morning but it was too early, then each time I was going to call her I got busy and before I knew it, it was 11pm and I was putting a load of cloths from the washer to the dryer and remembering that I never called Aunt Nonie to say Happy Birthday! I will give her a call today on my break at work!

Today we are having Skyler's birthday party with his friends from school. It will be at the pool here in our tract. I don't really know how many people are coming, I have not gotten RSVPs from over half of the people we invited. Should I assume that they are not coming??? We will just play it by ear. It starts at 4pm, the kids can swim for awhile and then we will have pizza around 5 or so, then Darth Vader cupcake cake, then more swimming and presents! It should be a lot of fun. I got squirt guns, dive pegs, and squash balls for party favors, with candy and bouncy balls. I figured they could play with the squirt guns in the pool at the party.

I still can't find the charger for my camera. I might have to see if I can purchase just a new charger. If I can't find it before the party, I might have to get a disposable camera and just go with that!!!

I will post pictures tonight or in the morning.

Happy WaHoo Day (Friday)!!!
Love Ya,

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

OBSESSIVE ~ With Every Bone In My Body!

I remember one time my friend Sharon said that about herself and I know it totally applies to me also. Not only am I obsessive with every bone in my body, I obsess on multiple things at one time. Kind of like multi-tasking but multi-obsessing!
So one of the new things I am currently obsessed with is sewing. I know, this really isn't something new for me, but I have not sewn anything in about ten years! I think the last time I sewed the tension was messed up on my sewing machine and I couldn't fix it so I put it in the hall closet and have not given it any more thought except when I have to move it for one reason or another. My sewing machine I got when I was thirteen years old and it was a school sewing machine, I think I paid $100.00 at the time. Over the years it got a lot of use. At one time I was pretty good. I remember making a pair of gauchos for my friend Jodi Dokken when we were in high school! How funny! Anyway, I really want to sew something. Now that I have a little girl to sew for I think it would be fun. One of the Mom's in my class is sewing for her kids. Her blog is She is making some really cute dresses, and pants with ruffles. Check it out! I went to a fabric store in town that has some nicer fabric and it was that feeling of a kid in a candy store. The same feeling I would get every time I went into my favorite bead store. I could just stay there for hours. Looking, touching, planning, changing, then finally getting something going home making it and having to go back the next day to get more!!! I may have to start out on wal-mart fabric and work up to the more expensive fabric!!!
I will keep you posted and maybe even have something to show you soon.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!
I am grateful I get a day off tomorrow. David is having one of his friends over in the morning to play and then I have to take the baby for shots in the afternoon. I am sure the remainder of the day will be spent on laundry! I have fallen a little behind. :(
Oh well,
Happy Tuesday,