Saturday, September 30, 2006

Let's see if this works.....

Well, I just talked to my mom who told me that one of my posts, posted twice. So this is kind of a test. I can't stay on long, sounds like the boys just turned on the water. Maybe more later!

Friday, September 29, 2006

So very very tired today

Do you ever have one of those days when you are just beat and you don't know why? Hopefully I will have more energy when I leave work. Today I have just been dragging.
I looked at the clock today, around 3:25 or so and thought, ok, in one week we will be having Alison's wedding. I am pretty excited about it. I have a lot of little things to take care of this weekend. Getting a belt for Skyler, shoes for both of the boys (or do you think vans would be ok), ordering the ham. In addition to that need to get the payroll done this weekend and do some write offs for work. Shannon is out of town, this may be a challange!
Oh well, my report is finished printing and so I am off to pick up the boys from school.
Happy Friday,

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Can you beleive Shannon and I have been married for SEVEN years! Monday was our seven year anniversary. I thought I would put up a picture of the boys getting ready to be in Alison's wedding. They will sure look cute. I still have to get Skyler a belt. He is so skinny. So seven years ago today I was in Hawaii on my honeymoon. I would sure like to go back. It was funny, on Monday we didn't even eat dinner together. Shannon and his sister took the boys to dinner and I went to the gym. Oh well, it works for us. We sure have been thru a lot in this short time. My accident, Shan's accident, operations, kids, dogs, cat, cars, motorhomes! We really have a great life and I am totally grateful (most days) to be married to Shannon. He is a great guy!

Skyler's is going to the fair this afternoon with his friend Ryan and his parents. I am really happy for him. They should have a great time. Jana, Ryan's Mom called me at work to ask me if it was ok, I had to call the school to tell them that it was ok for them to pick Skyler up, then I asked to talk to him. He was so cute. I could hear him ask the administrator (Miss Ranee) "Why does my mom want to talk to me on the phone". It is really neat watching him grow and become more independant. Don't blink, pretty soon it will be high school and girls! (Plenty of time for that).
Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Here is the picture of the boy's painted faces from the fair. They are a little smeared, they had had them on for a few hours at this point, ate dinner, even cried (just a little after Skyler fell down when running, that is why he has the baby wipe in his hand).

1st time out of the gate

Well, this is my first blog!!! Pretty exciting. Yesterday we took the kids to the fair. We waited in line for at least 1/2 hour to get the boys faces painted. It was totally worth it. Skyler got a batman face which was basically just a black mask painted around his eyes. David really got the best face. He had his face painted like spiderman and it was his whole face. It was totally cute!!! We went over and saw the animals. The boys got to pet these huge cows and then we went over to see the baby cows. There was only two so far (they have a place where the cows who are about to give birth are, and they keep track of boys vs girls). There was one of each. One was being cleaned off by its mom, and the other was asleep over by the side so the boys were able to pet it. They were a little confused, they wanted to see the "baby" ones that were little! We watched an animal show, saw motorcycle racing, ate lots and lots of fair food, watched turkey races, and managed to not buy one thing. I am totally looking forward to going again (this year!) I will try and post pictures of the boys faces today!
Happy Sunday,