Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dallas - Bako - Laguna - Bakersfield

Dallas Convention Center

Mary Kay Corporate Offices

My Cute Boys!

My Cute Family!

John, Bodhi, and Alison
Brock, Amy, Isabel and Aidan
Boys on the rocks
Grandma, Papa and the grandchildren
50 years of wedded bliss!

Wow, it has been a busy couple of weeks!

First I went to Dallas for the Mary Kay Convention. We left Bakersfield on Friday afternoon @ 1pm and thought we had plenty of time to get to LAX for a 5:30 flight. No we ran into traffic, traffic, traffic. It took us over two hours to go just five miles. I think there was a pretty bad accident on the freeway that day. Thankfully we were able to change our flight to a 7pm flight and had just enough time to get some dinner and make our new flight. We got into our hotel room around 1am Dallas time. The next morning there was some kind of alarm going off around 7am. I had such a great time. There were about 10 of us from our unit there and it was a great group of women. We got to go tour and have lunch at the Mary Kay Corporate offices and also tour the manufacturing plant. It was pretty cool to see where everything is made! Seminar was wonderful. Really inspirational and motivating. They gave us so much!!! We got new products you can not even order yet!!! It was long days and longer nights, but you know what they say, you can sleep when you are dead. Our flight home was pretty uneventful, but again I did not get into my house until about 1am and was dead tired the next day!
Thursday I was supposed to be getting ready for Laguna where we were all going for my parent's 50th anniversary, but mostly I just hung out on the couch!
Friday I got us all packed up and we were off on another adventure! We had such a great time. My parents, sisters and their familys were all there. We played on the beach and enjoyed each other and relaxed! It was truely wonderful. Sunday night we went out to dinner, and Monday morning a photographer came and took some family pictures. The pictures I have posted here are pictures I took. It was time to come home really too soon. Amy wants to make it an annual vacation. I think it would be such fun for the boys to be able to do that each year. Especially since I was able to go to the beach so often when I was growing up, I want them to be able to experiance some of that even if it is only once a year!
Well, time to pick up the house and start dinner.
More soon,
Love ya,

Friday, July 04, 2008


Master of Ceremonies - Head Sparkler Lighter!

Skyler - Sparkler Specialist

David - Head Sock Monster

Friends and Neighbors Sparkling!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Wow, fun was had by all. Our friends Dave and Beverly and their cute little boy Matteo came over for dinner. We had salmon and tri-tip that Dave barbiqued, it was wonderful. I made macaroni and cheese, green beans and ice cream cake. After dinner Shannon and Dave went over and got some sparklers and as soon as it got close to dark we were out front sparkling. The family down the street was out front doing poppers so they came down and we all shared. It was a lot of fun. The boys went to bed really late. I am sure they will be a little grumpy tomorrow. Who knows we might have a miracle and they might sleep in! (I can only hope).

Hope everyone's holiday was safe and a lot of fun.

Happy WaHoo July 4th holiday!!!

Love ya,