Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, I guess I am doing OK this morning. It is only 7:10am and I have cleaned all of the boys bathroom and the master bedroom toilet. Now on to lunches, cloths, dishes, and getting everyone out the door! This is the second time I am doing this post. I did the whole thing last night went to post it and for some reason lost the whole thing. It had something to do with Foxfire (which I really don't like but Shannon makes me use.)

So Skyler got his report card last weekend (a week ago) and had all A's,B's and S's so we all went out to dinner to celebrate. When I asked him where he wanted to go he said Orange Chicken Place (Panda Express) or the Bowling Alley (the BEST fish and chips), so off to the bowling alley it was. We had a great dinner and then the boys played a couple of games. They did really well (with the bumpers up). Shannon, Esmarelda, and I were the cheering section. Then it was home, showers and to bed. Fun was had by all.

Not much else to report. . .
Esmarelda and I went to a Pampered Chief party this weekend on Saturday. Everyone loved her and she was really good. It was a power cooking class so you make enough chicken for three meals and then you make up two meals and put them in the freezer and eat the other one. This is my favorite kind of cooking! Cook once ~ eat three times!

Here is a really cute picture of the baby from last week. She has all that hair and it looks really cute a big bow in it. This outfit was given to me from a girl who has the station next to my hairdresser. The bib says "Nobody's Perfect, But Me"! Too cute!!!
Well, off to do the rest of my day. I have to get everyone out the door soon!
Have a great week!
Happy Monday,
Love Ya,

Saturday, January 10, 2009


This is Esmarelda. She is our new little foster child. She was placed with us this week. We are thinking it will probably be short term. I will keep you all posted. She is a little over three months old and is really a good baby. She even sleeps through the night. Skyler and David are so cute with her. It is really fun to watch them. So... as I said it is a little pinker at my house!
Because last week there wasn't much pink, just this!

Off to feed that cute baby girl now!
Happy Saturday.
Love ya,

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Well these pictures actually ended up being uploaded backwards but it is ok. The first one is the boys in front of the Lego Store at Downtown Disney. The next two are in the Lego store. The had a huge Darth Vader and a R2D2 whose head really spinned around. David got a new digital camera (for kids) from Santa and Skyler and David are checking it out on Christmas Morning. Each year we drive down to Orange County and park our 5th wheel trailer in Brock and Amy's driveway. We open all of our presents on Christmas Eve and then Santa comes and brings presents for Christmas Day. Here is a picture of Skyler, David, Isabel and Aidan on Christmas Eve. I don't know where Bodhi is in most of my pictures! The last picture is a picture I took of the boys at Skyler's 1st grade Christmas Program at his school. David and I went over to the school and all the first grade classes participated in singing Christmas songs. It was really cute!
Not much else new going on here. We drove home yesterday from Amy's house. We all had a great time down south but I was sure glad to sleep in my own bed last night!!! It was a pretty kick back day today. Shannon picked up around the house and Skyler and I made our way over to Target. Tomorrow it will be church, washing cloths and getting ready for going back to school/work!
Oh well. . . .
Happy Saturday,
Love Ya,

Friday, January 02, 2009

Another Cute Picture

Here is another cute picture of the boys with their cousins Aidan and Isabel. They were all playing nicely with the barbies. Isabel got a Barbie bus for Christmas. It sure is souped up from the one I had when I was her age. It even has a hot tub!!! More soon. . .
Love Ya,
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Thursday, January 01, 2009


So the boys and I have been staying in the trailer at Brock and Amy's house since Christmas. On Monday morning we all went to Downtown Disney. It was a lot of fun. We hit the Lego store and Build A Bear, had a great lunch at the mexican restaurant and then went to the huge Disney store. It has been great fun hanging out with our cousins ~ a growing experiance for all the children. They are learning how to get along and share. Well, more soon!
Happy New Years!!!
Love Ya,
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